Rug Repair

 Don’t get rid of your rug - have it repaired! 

At Queens Carpet Cleaners, our professional rug repair team is trained to restore and repair even the most worn and ragged rugs.   Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable enough to salvage your area rug and literally bring it back to life, using cutting-edge techniques and sophisticated methods for complete rug restoration.

Don’t throw away a torn rug 

Normal wear and tear by family members and guests, or more severe damage inflicted by pets or insects, can result in your area rugs becoming ragged or torn. Our skilled restorers can patch and mend your rug so the original damage is invisible. We can also help if your rug has become faded, as a result of exposure to direct sunlight through a glass door or window!  Queens Carpet Cleaners’ talented rug restorers can make your prized floor covering appear new once again. 

Even rugs that have been through a fire, suffering smoke and water damage, can be deep cleaned, to remove odors and stains. Color bleeding, fading, and even mildew can be dealt with.  Frayed edges or binding can be mended, tears or holes patched and the rug made useable again.

Don’t worry about moving your furniture 

We’ll pick up your furniture and carefully remove your rug, replacing the furniture before we leave your home. When we bring your freshly-cleaned and/or mended rug back, we’ll repeat the process of moving and replacing your furniture, so your home looks just the way you want it. Your rugs will be clean and fresh-smelling, and you won’t have to worry about having to move a heavy couch or table alone. 

We clean Oriental rugs, heirloom pieces and delicate fabric rugs, so ask about our specialty rug-cleaning techniques. All of our cleaning solutions are organic, so there will be no harsh residues or unpleasant chemical smells left behind.