Rug Cleaning

 Are your area rugs looking shabby? 

At Queens Carpet Cleaners, we know how important area rugs are - how they protect carpet and hardwood flooring and add a sense of warmth to a room. When a rug becomes dirty or stained, it draws attention to itself in an unflattering way and steps must be taken to remedy the situation.

A clean rug can completely brighten up a room

Rugs become familiar and comforting when you walk across them every day. They offer a place to sprawl and play games with children, or lay back and relax in front of a roaring fire. We handle both modern and antique rugs with the care and respect they deserve, as your treasured heirlooms (or heirlooms to be), and carefully restore their shine and softness.  

Rug cleaning the green way

Queens Carpet Cleaners has two main priorities when it comes to cleaning your area rugs. Firstly, we want your rug to be transported and cleaned with the utmost care, to ensure it comes back to you in better shape than when it was picked it up. This means that we train our personnel in the proper techniques for handling even the largest area rugs. Secondly, we want you to feel good about your rug when you get it back, not worried about what chemicals might have been used to clean it, or if there might have been harmful residues left behind. 

We will pick up your rug, transport it to our state-of-the-art facility, and clean it, using only organic cleansers and powerful vacuums to remove dirt and loose fibers. A climate-controlled drying room is ready to receive your rug, so that it will dry evenly and quickly. We will return your rug to your home as carefully as we removed it, and replace it in your living room or parlor, to be enjoyed by your family for another year.

Queens Carpet Cleaners knows that replacing rugs can be extremely costly. That’s why we recommend rug cleaning.  We clean even the largest area rugs as well as entry rugs, hall and stair runners, and can easily handle oddly-shaped rugs including circular, oval, hexagonal and octagonal shapes.