Info & Tips

Queens Carpet Cleaners bases good carpet cleaning on educating our clients. If you know how to take care of your carpet properly, in between our visits, you can extend the life of your wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs and even upholstered furniture for years.

Tips for carpet, area rug and upholstered furniture care: 

The following tips can keep your carpet looking great at all times, and prevent matting, stains and spills from forcing you to replace it before it really is time to do so.

1. Have your carpets professionally cleaned, twice a year. Keeping them cleaned regularly extends their life, as well as making them look and smell like new.

2. Have your area rugs in high traffic areas cleaned yearly. You can also have any small rips or tears that have developed mended at this time.

3. Utilize extra rugs or runners in high traffic areas such as entries and hallways for extra protection.  Use non-skid pads under area rugs that are placed on hardwood or tile flooring to minimize skidding.

4. Turn rugs regularly so that they wear evenly. If they are on carpet, a thin layer of padding underneath can help prevent pressure spots from forming under furniture legs.

5. Vacuum daily in high traffic areas, and twice a week in bedrooms. Frequent vacuuming reduces the amount of time soil has to become ingrained in the fibers of your carpet or rug.

6. Attend to spills or pet accidents promptly; the more quickly you act, the less chance there is that the stain will set in. If the spill extends over a large area, or is stubborn, call Queens Carpet Cleaners immediately and schedule a quick spot cleaning. 

7. Ask for stain protector to be applied to your carpets after cleaning. Carpets that are protected are much less likely to end up permanently stained. This can prevent unsightly spots and splotches, and keep you from having to replace a section of carpet.

8. If you notice a rumple forming, or are continually trip over a bump in the carpet, call Queens Carpet Cleaners right away. We can re-stretch your carpet and prevent it from tripping you up or becoming ripped.

9. Consider buying slipcovers for your furniture if you have pets or children in the house that may cause damage.  You can always remove them if you plan to have company over.

10. Use protective fabric covers for the armrests and headrests on chairs and couches. This will prevent the ’shiny spots’ caused by oil from your skin on the arms and back of the neck from developing.

Following these tips will make your home look its best, even between cleanings.  It will also reduce your costs by making your furniture, rugs and wall to wall carpeting last longer. Every cleaning will be more effective, and your overall maintenance costs will be lower.