Carpet Cleaning

 Carpet Cleaning the Smart Way 

The last thing you want in your home is harsh, toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, thats exactly what youll get when you hire many carpet cleaning companies. At Queens Carpet Cleaners, we believe that cleaning can be carried out without hazardous compounds - and that the results can be even better than using traditional products. We specialize in deep cleaning carpets the smart way - with safe, organic solutions that dont stay in your carpet for weeks or months afterward. Carpets, upholstery and area rugs end up looking - and smelling - fresh and clean even better than when they were first installed!

Go ’eco-friendly’ with your spring or fall cleaning routine!

Our reliable, effective cleaning service removes soil and stains from your area rugs, wall-to-wall carpeting and upholstered furniture with ease - without exposing you to any type of toxic chemicals. You dont have to worry about your children or pets playing on your freshly-cleaned floors - theres no harsh residue left behind to irritate sensitive skin!

Know Your Options

Carpet cleaning services include several different methods, with each having a distinct advantage for a specific type of carpeting. Youll want to choose the appropriate one to get maximum cleaning power with minimal disruption to your daily life. Some homes containing several different types of wall-to-wall carpeting and may benefit from a combination of services.

Option A:
Dry carpet cleaning. Sometimes, using water-based treatments is not an option. Our professional dry cleaning techniques involve a non-toxic cleaning compound being worked into your carpeting by powerful machines to disintegrate dirt and grime. The residue and soil is then sucked away by commercial grade vacuums, leaving your floors absolutely clean.

Option B:
Steam carpet cleaning. In homes where dust mites, fungi or pollen cause allergies for family members who suffer from asthma or breathing difficulties, steam cleaning your carpets may be the best option. Our organic cleaning solution is pressured through your carpet with our powerful steam cleaning equipment, killing microscopic organisms and leaving your home clean and dust-free.

Option C:
Shampoo carpet cleaning. If you have children or pets, or live in an area where the weather tends to create muddy conditions, a deep shampooing may be required. This will remove stains from dirt and grime that has been trampled into your carpets - especially in high traffic areas, such as entryways and living spaces.

Our state of the art equipment is designed to produce deep cleaning foam with the minimum amount of moisture, so we can clean your carpets thoroughly. Our goal is to reduce drying time to a minimum, and get you back in your home as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy your soft, clean carpet!