Commercial Cleaning in Queens

Queens Carpet Cleaners has the specialized knowledge and commercial carpet cleaning equipment to keep both the floors of your business clean and also to clean up when needed (e.g. after a disaster such as sprinkler malfunction, flood or fire).

Office buildings, hotels, restaurants and medical facilities often have thousands of yards of carpet installed. Unlike personal residences, this carpeting quickly becomes matted because of high traffic. ’Tracks’ form down the center of hallways, and entry areas rapidly deteriorate as soil and grime become ingrained.  

Intensive, regular cleaning can help 

If commercial carpet cleaning is carried out on a regular basis, by a crew of trained professionals, the life of the flooring can be dramatically increased. Proper cleaning equipment and organically-based compounds can be used as often as necessary, without a harsh chemical build-up.

When commercial carpet is cleaned on a regular basis, dirt is prevented from building up and the entire floor will look even and newer. Tracks aren’t allowed to form, even in high traffic walkways, and dust mites can be eliminated. For daycare, medical facilities and food preparation venues, our organic, non-toxic cleaning solutions are ideal!

Save money and extend the life of your carpet

You can significantly increase the number of years between flooring replacements by setting up a regular carpet cleaning schedule. An ongoing service contract can garner you a discount, as can service for a building with a high volume square yardage of carpet. Ensure your carpeting always looks and smells its best by setting up a cleaning appointment today!