Fire & Water Damage

Fire and water damage can scorch and soak your possessions. Even worse, items throughout your house can be damaged by smoke and water, even if they were nowhere near the actual flames or water. When your carpets, rugs and furniture end up damaged, call Queens Carpet Cleaners - we’ll have our crisis response team ready to go!

A fire or flood doesn’t mean you have to replace all of your furniture and flooring. If attended to as soon as possible, most items can be salvaged and even restored to a good as new condition. Your costly wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs and expensive upholstered furniture can be rescued if you act quickly.

Water extraction

Flooding, or the aftermath of a fire, can leave water standing on your floors, forming a breeding ground for insects and bacteria. Getting the mess cleaned up is a top priority, in order to avoid mold, mildew and prevent illness. At Queens Carpet Cleaners, we have expert crews, trained in complete water extraction, who can quickly and thoroughly get your floors and furniture clear of water and allow the drying process to begin. A thorough cleaning before the drying process is complete can remove stains and remove debris, leaving your home looking as if nothing happened. 

Smoke and fire

Soot residue can leave unsightly stains on carpets and drapes. We can rid your home of these stains, as well as lingering odors from fire. We can even remove your drapes, curtains and area rugs for professional cleaning, and deodorize, clean and sanitize your mattresses.

Mold and mildew 

Mold and mildew can cause many people to develop respiratory problems. Those with asthma or a previous history of breathing difficulty are especially at risk. Micro-organisms can also cause mysterious skin rashes, or even serious illness such as systemic organ failure, cancer, etc. Queens Carpet Cleaners uses safe, organic compounds to remove mold and mildew from your home, making the air safe to breathe. 

Sewer Problems 

Sewage backup can occur unexpectedly, leaving your home devastated. Contaminated water can carry bacteria and disease, and the human waste is a bio-hazard. If sewage has flooded your home, call Queens Carpet Cleaners for professional extraction, cleaning and disinfecting services to make your home liveable again.