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  Don’t replace your carpet - re-stretch it!

Replacing the carpet in your home can be expensive, time-consuming and disruptive. However, hundreds of people every year replace carpet that has not yet been worn out, simply because it no longer ‘looks’ new. 

Normal wear and tear can cause carpets to buckle in spots or even separate slightly at the seams. But this doesn’t mean you have to replace it. Our professional re-stretching and re-seaming services, followed by a thorough cleaning, can restore your tired-looking carpet to like-new condition - at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Can rumpled carpet really be put right? 

Absolutely. At Queens Carpet Cleaners, we implement the same methods originally used to install your carpet, basically to ‘reset’ your floor covering. Our trained experts use knee kickers and power stretchers, stretching it tightly over your floor and eliminating the fear of tripping over a wrinkle. This will restore your carpet to the way it looked when first installed.

In some cases, a room that was larger than the width of the carpet roll may have required a seam. Occasionally, the carpet can become separated at such a point, revealing an unsightly gap. Nevertheless, this is no reason to pull out all of your carpet and start over…chances are, it may still have years of life left.  

Our team can evaluate the condition of your carpet and simply re-seam the damaged area, making the gap invisible and adding years to the usefulness of your floor. 

Your Carpet Could Be ‘Like New’ in No Time 

Re-stretching, re-seaming and a thorough cleaning can restore a carpet that looked like it was ready for the trash back to nearly-new condition. 

Save your hard-earned money for other things, and refurbish your carpet instead of replacing it. Properly cared for and well-maintained wall-to-wall carpet should last for many years between replacements. Don’t rush to throw your money away…just call us.

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